Transition in Bristol

A City-Wide Movement

Transition Bristol is a volunteer-led initiative and part of the worldwide Transition Movement. It acts in support of city-level resilience projects in Bristol.

The Transition idea is that our biggest asset is ourselves - the skills knowledge creativity & experience within our own communities. 

The Transition idea underpins many projects that are already strengthening local resilience.

Decreasing our use of fossil fuels is not negotiable. We have a choice - to make this shift in a way that builds community.

Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save

they just stand there shining

Anne Lamott

The Transition process is constantly evolving, as more of us take up the challenge and run with it, flexibly adapting to the situations around us. The work of “unleashing the collective genius” of the city will always be 'work in progress'.

Many projects that are still unfolding were helped by connections from

The BIG EVENT in Nov 2007

 (see our timeline)

Transition Bristol

 Transition Bristol, originated by Sarah Pugh and others in January 2007, was formally registered in June 2007 as a Limited Liability Company Registered by Guarantee.

Numerous themed projects (see Timeline) have been initiated, supported, or inspired by Transition Bristol's activities.

The current Transition Bristol Constitution is here. The volunteer team are Chris Bettles, Katie Dick, Zoë Moyden, Jane Stott, Angela Raffle, Jeremy Le Fèvre & Kristin Sponsler. The Transition Movement in Bristol comprises hundreds if not thousands of people engaged in Transition-related actions in the City.

Transition Activity in Bristol

The Transition Movement is a global coming together of communities to reimagine and rebuild our world working towards a healthier, happier, socially just, future within planetary bounds. The movement is emerging across the city in many ways

U.LAb Bristol 2016

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Transition Bristol.
A city-wide, peer-led, community-driven,
movement with many manifestations.