Hello from the Transition Bristol Coreteam!

We are currently undergoing a process of becoming “lighter, quicker, cheaper” both as a core team and as an organisation. This involves, among other things, rethinking the structure of Transition Bristol as a company limited by guarantee, a structure which involves a lot of admin work for a small group of volunteers, isn’t really needed for our current level of activity, and frankly just gets in the way of trying to do more interesting things!

What does this mean for our website and newsletter you ask? It means that for the foreseeable future we will not be updating the website and/or sending out newsletters. There are so many excellent websites and newsletters that cover the activities of “Transition in Bristol” already!

However, we do think that we have some excellent resources on our website and we will continue to add to and highlight these as and when we find something good or when one of the team is involved with or produces something interesting. Check out our Facebook page for those. Among other things, we have a paper about Community Resilience in Bristol as seen through a Transition lens, by our former coreteam member, Tom Henfrey.

And speaking of Facebook, if you have an event you want to promote or you just want to find out more about the Transition-related scene in Bristol, please visit our lively Facebook page.

That’s all for now!

Photo credit: Lucy Empson