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TFP_Issue3_Autumn2013_FrontPageRead all about the latest Transition stories in our just-published, high-content, low-carbon issue:

To find out where you can put your hands on a real-life paper copy of our third autumn issue in your region check out our distribution page. (50+ hubs in the UK and rising).

As a small editorial team we thrive on feedback so do let us know what you feel about the paper, what you enjoy, what you’d like to add. We think this is our best edition yet and now have a great editorial board in place to help us steer our future editions in even more interesting, wild and inspiring directions.

We will also be commissioning our fifth and final edition for this pilot year in the next two weeks (planning to go forward into 2014 if we can secure funding and your continued support). So if you would like to contribute or take part in any way do let us know. Many thanks!

Charlotte Du Cann Editor-in-Chief (

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