From local Bristol Transition activist Richard Hancock:

The Energy Bill currently before Parliament is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to clean up our power sector and create low carbon jobs. This is being opposed by George Osborne, and his allies, who want to extract gas by fracking, turn the UK into a “gas hub” and block the transition to a sustainable future.

Osborne has so far managed to keep a 2030 goal for carbon free electricity out of the Energy Bill. However, MPs from each end of the political spectrum – Conservative Tim Yeo and Labour’s Barry Gardiner – have tabled a series of ‘green jobs’ amendments to put the target back into the bill.

A mass lobby from members of the Transition network, and other citizens who want a future for themselves and their children, can help drive these changes through Parliament. You can do this very simply via a Greenpeace link:

and join the business leaders, UK companies, investors and civil society groups, who want to see carbon-free electricity by 2030. Do it now, and get your friends and colleagues to campaign for a future!

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