Susredland’s AGM this year will be on Tues 19th Nov, 7.30, at Rob Haward’s
house 7 Exeter Buildings. Drinks will be available.

We want as many as possible to come this year as the present officers are
standing down and we need to elect a new Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.
If you’d like to stand for any of these roles or nominate someone else to do
so, please let me know in advance ( And do
remember how much we pride ourselves on the brevity of our formal AGM
business. It’s always been less than 10 minutes.

We want to use the event to celebrate Susredland’s achievements over its
eight years existence, and have invited a number of people to talk very
briefly about different activities we’ve initiated or been involved with,
such as the Farmers’ Market, BS6 Open Streets, the CRAG and Mapping projects
and so on.

As our survival is dependent on looking forward we decided we wanted to
increase the mailing list, streamline the website and make an accessible
archive available for new members. We also wanted to look at the Monkey
Survey study carried out to see what it tell us.

The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report is just out, and
it doesn’t make easy reading. One thing is clear though – people in power
will do nothing to curb carbon output unless we the voters tell them, and
this is where grassroots organisations like ours are essential. We spread
the word, take initiatives, cajole, urge, set examples, push boundaries,
inform, tell the truth and ask questions. It’s us who keep up the pressure,
and to do so we have to keep ourselves involved, strong and active.

Susredland’s at an interesting new stage. The public are generally better
informed about climate change than when we started eight years ago, but the
obvious evidence about say car usage, the government’s dash for gas or
increasing demand for flying suggests most prefer to remain in denial about
the climate change effects of their behaviour. Better the devil you know.
Our job is to keep up the pressure against this background above all through
example, and keeping on doing the things we do in as many creative and
imaginative ways as possible.

So…please come to the AGM, and bring a friend too.

Hamish Wills

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