It will be an opportunity to:

  • Find out about different campaigns in the South West
  • Understand the concept of Extreme Energy & connect local campaigns to the bigger picture
  • Build relationships and solidarity between groups
  • Share strategies and skills

Why: This should be a stimulating and useful day, give renewed energy and impetus to campaigns and enable us to share resources, experience, and people to get an effect greater than the sum of our parts. The event also takes place a month before the national Extreme Energy Gathering that is taking place in Manchester 26-28th April, which will bring together diverse campaigns and communities that are resisting extreme energy extraction methods for a weekend of networking, strategising and sharing of skills and knowledge.

Where: Hamilton House, Stokes Croft, Bristol
When: 10am – 4pm on Saturday 30th March 2013

The plan for the day is:
10.15 a go-round sharing successes and challenges from the various campaigns
11.30 a presentation on Extreme Energy by Frack Off.
12.00 a plenary discussion leading to people raising issues for the Open Space workshop in the afternoon where the issues discussed are the issues important to YOU.
Lunch break 12.30 -1.30 (lunch is not provided but there are lots of good places to eat nearby)
1.45 prepare the Open Space around the question: How do we raise the power of the Extreme Energy label and how do we campaign more effectively together?
2.00 – 2.50 Open Space session 1
2.50 – 3.40 Open Space session 2 (some discussions may continue over both sessions)
3.40 – 4.00 Report back and next steps. Things to take to the national gathering in Manchester.
4.00 – 5.00 continue networking while tidying up.

If you are coming along as part of a group, please email, just so we can help time budget the go-round & the number of chairs & stalls etc.

The go round of groups & campaigns is your chance to share:
– An overview/brief history of your group & what you’re organising around
– What has been going well
– What has been challenging

Please also let us know if you require a stall space or have any other needs.

Who: It will be attended by Biofuelwatch, Frack Free Somerset, Bristol Rising Tide, Frack Off, South West Against Nuclear, Stop Hinkley, Safe Energy Wales, Frack Free Dorset and more. People new to campaigning and/or extreme energy are also completely welcome.

More information about Extreme Energy:

Extreme Energy is the process whereby energy extraction methods grow progressively more intense over time, as easier to extract resources are depleted. The process is driven by unsustainable energy consumption and is important because extraction effort is strongly correlated with damage to both society and the environment.

Examples of new extreme energy methods include Tar Sands, Deep Water and Arctic Drilling, Open Cast Mining and Fracking, but even conventional fossil fuel exploitation is becoming more extreme. The intensity of extraction effort needed translates pretty directly into the fraction of the economy that must be devoted to energy extraction, and therefore dictates what is left over for the rest of society.

The course our society is on leads to a world where energy corporations (Exxon, BP etc.) hog an ever growing fraction of human activity while everyone else is starved of resources. The local and global environmental impacts of energy extraction are also growing at a frightening rate and these new methods are also often accessing fossil fuels which would previously not have been left in the ground.

What about the UK?

In the British Isles a large number of new extraction methods threaten to devastate communities and the countryside, while increasing our contribution to the global ecological crisis.

In addition to a surge in open cast coal mining and onshore conventional oil and gas extraction, entirely new methods such as fracking for shale gas and coalbed methane (CBM) looks set to coat large areas of the countryside with thousands of wells.

Beyond that underground coal gasification (UCG) threatens to bring vast industrial devastation, similar to the tar sands in Canada, much closer to home. A new batch of even more dangerous nuclear power stations and large number of biomass power stations are also on the cards.

However there is a silver lining to these forbidding clouds. Across the globe communities are organising to counter extreme energy extraction. Where once such threats seemed distance (other people’s problems), now they are creeping into people’s back gardens. Empowering and connecting communities to resist this destruction is crucial.

Frack Free Somerset
Twitter: @FrackFreeSom

Frack Free Somerset is a coalition of concerned groups in Somerset who are taking action on hydraulic fracturing.

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