Sarah Pugh

I have been facilitating permaculture courses since 1999 and teaching them since 2003. I was incredibly fortunate to learn to teach with Mike Feingold and Patrick Whitefield, both experienced and innovative teachers. I have worked as a community rabble rouser and environmental instigator for the past 15 years, mostly within the thriving network that is the Bristol green scene.

My focus has always been on inspiring people to use Permaculture design to improve their local space. On creating opportunities for communities to work collaboratively and encouraging reconnection with nature, particularly in urban areas. I’m always looking for new ways to take the joys of Permaculture to a wider audience and in 2007 I founded Transition Bristol. After a couple of years of exhausting organising, followed by the birth of my son I decided to step back from the frontline and focus on addressing the skills gap that lies between people wanting to and being able to create more sustainable systems. In 2010 myself and colleague Laura Corfield founded Shift Bristol to run the one year Practical Sustainability Course – the first of its kind in the UK. It’s an expansion of the Permaculture Curriculum taught in collaboration with 40 experts and tutors. Visit the Shift Bristol website for details of this course.

I am a founder member of Bristol Permaculture Group since January 2000, It’s an active network of nearly 1000 people working to bring sustainability to the city. We use the network for sharing resources, tools and ideas and generally practicing common sense living.

I am now self-employed as a teacher and consultant, full-time single mum and Director of Shift Bristol. Keeps me busy!