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Site allocations and development management policies | Bristol City Council. (link)

Please click on the link above – It will take you to the ‘final draft’ of what will become the new Bristol Local Plan, the document which will govern what development is and isn’t okay for the next 10-15 years. So far there is no protection for food growing land in it, and the Park & Ride Site on the Blue Finger is still in it (red hatching on dark green – green belt – land).

The ‘Site Allocations and Development Management Policies – Publication Version’ is what will be viewed by a Planning Inspector this summer and adopted by Bristol as it is, UNLESS representations are made to challenge the policies as laid out in this version. Anyone can do this. It can be tricky to know what to look for so we will help you.

Local plan P&R site allocation

All ‘representations’ made by 10th MAY 2013 will be considered by the Planning Inspector who can then make changes to this version in accordance with those representations or objections.

There is little or no consideration in the document as it stands for ‘safeguarding land for food’ or policies to support the development of a resilient local food system. So, the Blue Finger Alliance is writing, on behalf of all it’s members, a range of representations (objections, new policies or policy modifications) which we want to see included in the Local Plan when it’s adopted. We will share these with you when they are written and we encourage you to use them as a basis for your own objections.

If you follow the link above and go to Map 5: Greater Fishponds (bigger version of the image above) you will see that all the objections to the Park and Ride in last years public consultation have been ignored – it shows the land as Safeguarded M32 Park & Ride site. There is still no solid justification for the P&R in this location. and given that Bristol is the one of the most congested cities in the UK, building any kind of car infrastructure – particularly one which people MUST drive to use, is unjustifiable. While the congestion on the M32 is genuine, it is a problem for Bristol and South Glos to work together on to find solutions that will really work on both sides of the city boundary, long term. The two authorities haven’t yet done this.

Please take a bit of time to look at these documents and make your own objections so that the best quality soil which is already there can be used for healthy, progressive purposes which we will be proud of in 5, 10, 30, 60 years time.

COMING SOON : Guidelines on how to make your objections.

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