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First, the really exciting news:

Bristol Drugs Project collaboration bid

As of literally five minutes ago, we’ve been included in a bid by the Bristol Drugs Project to deliver a year of DIY solar and off-grid training workshops to their service users. If successful we’d receive a budget of over £30k to help those battling drugs and recovering from addiction to develop their skills and confidence, with money specifically requested to run follow-up workshops for participants wanting to become workshop leaders themselves.

Even more excitingly, the panels from the DIY solar workshops will be used to build another Solar Tree, this time in the centre of Bristol!

We will find out in July whether the bid has been successful, and if we are, the programme will begin in spring 2014. Can’t wait.

Ecotricity partnership

We’ve just struck a deal with Ecotricity to encourage more people to switch to a green energy supply, and support us as they do it. Switch to Ecotricity today using this link and you will earn us up to £60 in the process.

If you’re already hooked up – spread the word. In fact: do that anyway!

Lightyear Foundation training

We’re looking forward to training a team of volunteers from the Lightyear Foundation in three weeks before they head out to Ghana to run practical science workshops for school children. They came back after their trip last year recognising the need for electricity in many of the communities they visited, and so went hunting for training in DIY solar. The rest is – or will be – history!

April & May workshops

Pictures from our April DIY solar and (first ever!) off-grid training sessions are up on the site here.

There are currently three places available for our next DIY solar workshop on 18th May (book here) and six places available for our next off-grid training session on 19th May (book here). Both take place in Bristol. Please do spread the word.

And the rest…

We’ve got a new blog piece (link) all about the importance of consumption and a fantastic report on future energy solutions that you all need to know about…
In the news: low income households hit by ‘triple injustice from carbon reduction policies (link); US cities join push to sell off fossil fuels (link) (paste into google to get round firewall); Carbon bubble could trigger new financial crisis (link); nPower & big six grilled by MPs on tax avoidance (link).
Fuel Poverty Action are holding a benefit gig (link) on 7th May at Catch Bar in London – head down to support an important campaign.
Some useful petition links if you’ve got a spare second; tell nPower to pay their corporation tax (link), email your MP to demand a greener Energy Bill (link), stop the gas & electricity rip-off – demand fair prices from the Big Six (link)

So – lots happening and lots to do!
Thanks for keeping in touch,

Max, Dan & Laura
Switch to Ecotricity & earn us £60!

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