at Littlehempston
(near Totnes) Devon
Saturday 28 September 11am – 4pm


We have an acre of hemp planted at Littlehempston near Totnes in Devon. Come along and see the plant itself; learn about its usefulness and how it is grown and harvested (we will be harvesting on the day). Our resident hemp expert will give a talk early on, followed by time to appreciate the beautiful plants and to see how they are harvested in a traditional way. Our hemp expert will be on hand to chat and answer questions.

The cost for the open day is £2 which gives you membership of the Community Hemp Growers group based in Totnes.


Hemp was grown all over the world for centuries, until the crop was banned under the Marijuana Tax Act in 1936 . Since then drug-free varieties of the plant have been developed and the UK Government now allows strictly controlled growing of hemp under license.

This beautiful plant has an extraordinarily wide variety of both healing and practical uses, which are very relevant to the world today and to our urgent need to look for alternative sources to oil and fossil fuels. The stems have multiple uses from durable rope, to logs which burn longer and hotter than hardwoods; good quality paper, industrial fibres and plastics, clothing and products for eco-friendly building, including insulation and hempcrete, a cement which, when mixed with lime, is harder than cement! The leaves are highly nutritious and can be used as a powdered green superfood, or as a tea. The seeds are rich in protein and nutritious oils. Hemp is used to make nutritious milk, clothing, healing creams, lotions, shampoos, even pancake mix….the list is endless!

On top of its array of people-friendly uses, the hemp plant is earth-friendly. Unlike many mass-farmed crops, it is good for the soil, reduces our carbon footprint, and benefits the environment. This plant is a truly holistic plant in all senses of the word.


We feel hemp will, and is, seeing a comeback as its multiple benefits are re-appreciated. We would all benefit (not to mention the earth!) if hemp was much more widely grown across the UK again. If members of your Transition Town wish to grow hemp next year we would be happy to provide you with help, support and advice on this worthwhile project. You would also be able grow it under the hempgrowersgroupUK license.


The addres s for the open day is Caradoc House, Littlehempston, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6NE. So that we can have an idea of numbers please be sure to email (please include a mobile number) first to let us know you are coming. Also use this email for any queries, or you can call Gavin on 01803 865057 or Katherine on 01749 812500. On the day if you get lost try mobile number 07971 287830. Please wear appropriate clothing for being out in the fields and harvesting!

We will have drinks ready for you. But please bring your own sustenance otherwise.

We look forward to meeting you!

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