Transitioners and ‘green’ people are invited to contribute to a research project, Walking Interconnections: conversations of sustainability.

We are looking at your experiences and those of disabled people in everyday life. We are interested to see whether experiences of assessing risk, meeting barriers and obstacles, and being (inter)dependent on others gives us all any insights or knowledge that could be useful when thinking about how we can all live more sustainably.

When and what
Come to a workshop, in Bristol, Sat 1 June, where you can find out more about the research and decide details of how you’d like to be involved. You can also explore using the cameras and any art materials you’d like to use. (We will show you how to use them, and explain the sorts of things we’d like you to photograph and record. You can keep copies of all the photos you take.)

After that we’d like you to pair up with a disabled participant (who will have support if needed) to plan and take two walks together. You can choose where you walk, they can be short and as local as you like. We will provide you with a camera, audio recorder and other materials you need to record your conversations and your walks.

In the Autumn, we would like to come back together in the group to discuss how things went for you in your walking pairs, and to talk about the photos you’ve taken and things you’ve recorded. We will also invite you to contribute to the project’s website through the blog and twitter feed.

Sharing research
We will write a report on what we find out and make sure that people who are thinking about sustainability know what we find. These include the City Council, the Environment Agency and other people who make policies and plan for sustainability. We will also upload things to the project website, where lots of other people can see what we’ve found out.

For more information, any questions and to volunteer, please contact:

Alison Parfitt 01242 584982
Dr Sue Porter, University of Bristol, 01173310993

If you are interested in this project but unable to volunteer as a participant, we would still love to hear about your walking experiences. We have a website and invite you to leave your comments on our Guest Posts page.

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