The second workshop of Bristol’s community strategy for energy

The Folk House, 40a Park Street

7-9pm but arrive from 6.30 for refreshments and a chance to catch up!

The 2nd workshop will be a chance to review the progress made at writing the strategy document. No doubt there will be some issues of dissagreement that will need to be hammered out. In fact, we hope there will be debate – lively and constructive and ultimately resulting in a better strategy. The hope is, depending on how long that takes, that we’ll also have time to start looking at the means of reaching the vision, or in other words… what pathways will we be seeking to take in the coming years?


1. Review, discuss, refine collective writing done to date…

2. Come to a consensus on vision statement, core values and key themes

2. Begin to explore pathways to achieving the 2020 vision, following the five key themes identified in workshop 1: Community first, Energy efficiency, Renewable energy, Understanding energy and Behaviour and Local economy.


Why a citywide community energy strategy?
The establishment of Bristol’s first elected mayor, rising fuel prices, the need to accelerate grassroots action to Sustainability and the acute need for creative experimentation of technologies, social practices and behaviour are but a number of reasons why now is the time to join together to create a community energy strategy for Bristol.

A strategy by the community energy sector on the best future for the city will drive initiatives and establish yet more ‘Bristol firsts’ in community energy and energy efficiency.

Collective writting session: Thursday 4th April @ bordeaux Quay, 7-9 pm – following Green monthly mingle (5-7pm) An opportunity to explore the wiki and get to grips with whats been written so far in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Also a chance to discuss the vision and contents of the strategy. All welcome

The wiki can be accessed here (link).

Please do drop us an email if your having any trouble reading or accessing it!

You can book for the free event here (link).

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