Update February 2013: Following the public responses to the consultation, the Council has now proposed a trial, which largely follows the Living Heart for Bristol’s alternative proposals (see below). Read the story in The Post.

Summary of the Council’s New Proposals

Map Showing the Council’s Revised Proposals

Background: In 2012 the Council consulted on proposals for some minor changes to the Old City streets. The Living Heart for Bristol proposed a more radical alternative, involving an extension to the pedestrianised area of Corn Street. This found favour with the public in a consultation, and with most of the Old City Traders when it was first presented to them (although more recently, a couple have begun to voice some opposition).

Link to the Council’s Original Consultation Draft

The Living Heart’s Alternatives

Summary diagram

Read our detailed response to the Council’s proposals

70% Of the Public Support the Living Heart for Bristol’s Proposal – see the questionnaire of shoppers and stallholders conducted on November 3rd..

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