Venue: Hamilton House 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol, Avon BS1 3QY

When: 10th July 2014 10am – 5pm

This seminar will help you improve your participation and/or facilitation of effective meetings and improve decision-making within your co-operative. The seminar covers: roles in meetings, basic facilitation techniques for idea generation and decision-making tools with an emphasis on reaching consensus. Trainer: Phill Burton (Dynamix)



• to identify a range of different ways to make decisions & the different stages of decision-making

• to identify underpinning co-operative values in decision-making

• to explain consensus and the processes of consensus decision-making

• to explore different levels of decision-making and review this in the context of your own work

• to introduce a toolkit of methods to keep meetings effective

We are taking the innovative approach of flexible pricing to reflect worker co-operative principles of equity. The standard price for the professionally delivered, full day training is £75.
We would really appreciate that members who can afford to pay the supporter price of £100 should consider doing so, this will help struggling members attend at the hardship price of £50. The hardship price is aimed at members of Co-operatives UK that genuinely can’t afford it, but would benefit from the training.  Please note that we require sufficient numbers to attend at the £100 rate for this to be financially viable.